Accounting and Assurance

Financial Statement Preparation - Compilations

(Notice to Readers)

Provided with this service are:

  • Professionally prepared financial statements, including comparative balance sheet, statement of income and retained earnings and cash flow statement
  • Year-end adjusting journal entries and trial balance
  • Review of government remittances for compliance and reasonableness (GST, PST, WCB, Payroll)
  • Detailed management letter discussing various tax and other matters specific to your business
  • Preparation and filing of T2 Corporate Income Tax Return
  • Preparation and filing of T5 slips and summary and providing instructions to lawyer for dividend resolutions

Financial Statement Audits and Reviews

Businesses may be required to have audited or reviewed financial statements due to lender, bonding or other regulatory requirements for example. Church Pickard has extensive experience providing assurance services to a wide range of large and small organizations on Vancouver Island including Not for Profit Organizations. We are committed to providing high-quality service and assistance to all clientele, while striving to maintain and build client relationships based on respect and trust. We seek to always offer constructive feedback for improvements to accounting procedures, policies, and any other related functions. We work closely with our clientele to know your business thoroughly and to provide the highest quality and adequacy of work, while controlling the costs of our services.


Other Assurance Services

We also provide equally exceptional service for other assurance statements and reports. You may require an independent assurance report for a variety of reasons including compliance with agreements, internal controls or specific business processes. We will use Canadian Auditing Standards accordingly which includes the necessary tests and procedures to meet your needs.

Trust Reporting

We also have extensive experience preparing trust reports as required by the Law Society of BC and the Real Estate Council of BC for the Independent Accountant Report to Conduct Specified Procedures.


If your company has grown or changed significantly and you need to find more efficient and effective systems to meet your accounting and financial needs we can evaluate your current system, make recommendations and assist you with the change management (or assist you with working through the changes).

Our staff, with years of industry experience, can provide controllership assistance with:

  • Vacation or temporary leave coverage including month end and payroll
  • Establishing a formal system of accounting policies and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting
  • Monthly or quarterly review and analysis of financial information
  • Staff training