Personal & Business Planning

Personal financial planning

We assist individuals with achieving various financial goals from the purchase of a home to saving for retirement. We can help to determine where you are at, project a goal to be obtained and assist in the steps in achieving that goal.

Business budgeting and cash flow management

Budgeting and cash flow management is crucial for many businesses, especially in the early stages. We help business owners by focusing on company margins, sales, forecast overhead expenses and anticipated profits and taxes. This budgeting process allows companies to set goals and analyze reports to track goal achievement.


Incorporation decisions

If you are considering incorporating your business, we can assist with the decision by reviewing your individual situation. We will prepare a cost benefits analysis to determine if the liability separation and tax savings/deferrals will outweigh the costs associated and overall provide additional value to you. In addition, if it is decided that incorporation is right for your business, we can provide suggestions in regards to the optimal share structure based on your needs, to assist your lawyer.

Buying or selling a business?

We have successfully assisted and headed business acquisitions and sales for our clients. This includes assisting with obtaining the best outcome of after tax dollars and often is incorporated with family business succession planning and retirement planning.