Estate planning

We all work hard to save for a nice retirement but we often don’t consider what will happen to our hard-earned dollars when we pass away. With multiple marriages, children, or wishing to leave a legacy to your favorite charity there is a lot to consider. With different assets come different tax effects and different distribution methods. Let us review your holdings and help you develop an estate plan to help ensure your final wishes are met in the most fair and tax-efficient way. We can also work with your lawyer to ensure that your will is set up to reflect the plan.

Tax filings

When a person passes away the final tax return can often be the most complicated and yield the largest tax bill – not to mention being a stressful and emotional time for anyone involved. In order for an executor to be released of liability from an estate they must obtain a clearance certificate from the Canada Revenue Agency. Let us help you prepare the final tax return and any subsequent trust returns to ensure that no assets or special tax rules are forgotten and clearance is issued with minimal problems.


Will reviews

Wills are often created decades before they are required and thus do not always stay in line with your final intentions or current tax law. Let us review your will to ensure your final wishes are being dealt with in the most logical and tax-effective method.

Executor services

While many people believe that asking someone to be executor of their estate is an honor it is actually a complicated and stressful duty that needs to be handled with expertise and care. There may not always be a person that you believe to be suited to such a task. Provided we have a good understanding of your estate and wishes we are willing to serve as executor.

Estate accounting

Being the executor of an estate holds a lot of responsibility. Let us help you manage the bookkeeping side so you can easily present statements to the beneficiaries. In the event that the estate must go to court we can prepare the court-requested legal accounting forms.